You may have heard people complaining about their hormones, or blaming their actions on their hormones. But is this really fair? What exactly are hormones?

Hormones are chemical messengers that direct everything in your body. They tell you when to wake up, when to be sleepy, help you concentrate, control your weight and much much more. Many people who suffer from hormone imbalance, don’t even know it. Here are some signs that your hormones may be out of balance:

  1. Weight gain (high or low cortisol, high or low oestrogen, low thyroid or high insulin)
  2. Poor sleep (low oestrogen or progesterone, high or low cortisol)
  3. Fatigue (low thyroid, high or low cortisol, low oestrogen, high insulin)
  4. Belly fat (high testosterone or high insulin)
  5. Hip and thigh fat (high oestrogen)
  6. Brain fog (low thyroid hormones, low oestrogen, low cortisol)
  7. Anxiety or depression (low thyroid, high/low cortisol)
  8. Facial hair (high testosterone or high oestrogen)
  9. Water retention (high oestrogen)
  10. Incontinence (low estrogen)
  11. Hair loss, thinning hair (low or high thyroid, high testosterone or high oestrogen)
  12. High cholesterol (low thyroid)

If you are suffering from any of these symptoms, you’re certainly not alone. But don’t worry, there there is a lot you can do to help balance your hormones naturally through diet and nutrition. Do get in touch as I can help.

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