"I had been experiencing problems with my skin since I turned 40. I had tried all sorts of things and been to the GP and Dermatology Departments at two hospitals but they were only interested in giving me creams to apply to my face, they were not interested in finding the trigger. I had suspected that food was the issue but I didn’t really know where to start.

I had a meeting with Jo Bridger and she took a full history and we discussed various options. Jo also asked me to write down what I had been eating. She noticed that I ate lots of bread and explained that wheat can upset the gut and cause inflammation. I was a bit skeptical but have now changed to a non-wheat diet. My skin is so much better. I have the occasional flare up but this is usually if I have not been careful and eaten something with wheat in it e.g. gravy or pasta.

I would like to thank Jo for her time and showing me that there is another way. I still eat bread but it is wheat, gluten and milk free and it’s actually delicious."

D from Bath

"I have had weight and health problems for most of my adult life. I've tried all the diets going but none of them have worked for me in the long term. Eventually found myself in my fifties, morbidly obese with a whole range of accompanying conditions - high blood pressure, pre-diabetes, gall stones leading to life-threatening pancreatitis, and severe arthritis affecting my mobility and my quality of life to a point where I just stayed home.

Jo helped me realise I needed to do something to change. She worked with me to change eating and lifestyle habits for the long term. I can now walk more without the aid of a stick, am losing weight, have improved my health and got my life back."

A from London